Aston Villa v Tranmere: Updates, team news, speculation and another apology

First, up and down today with the database for the site as I've migrated over just under 300,000 comments to a new system and every time I tried to optimise the tables in the database, it didn't like it, so sorry, again.

I'll have it fixed soon and instead of doing it on a live site, I'm going to do it on another server. So, the changes will be coming soon.

But tonight we have a match and more than that, it is in the cup and in the one cup where you would think we have a realistic chance and seeing as we are talking real world for a moment, it is probably the only way we can win silverware this season, so not to put too much pressure on anyone, it is an important game.

Need to win

It isn't just important because we get our name in the hat for the next round, it is also important because we win a match and this manager hasn't yet won a competitive match for Aston Villa and when we do, because we will, you'll read all about how we are going to take that performance and result and use it for the next match.

I know it is arrogant of me to say we are going to win, but we've actually tried to play well against Everton and West Ham, we have just been a little unfortunate. Okay, unable to take that many shots on goal might not be unfortunate but I think the manager is figuring out that there is more than one way to skin a cat, that the pitch is very wide and that we can play on all of it.

And that isn't a pop - but what he is trying to do takes time. It doesn't happen over night and we will get there, slowly.

And now to the part where we listen to what secret agents on Twitter tell us or what we hear from the club. I believe there are things happening and I believe we will see one, maybe two players come in. I also think there is a chance that we will get no new players and if that is the case, we have to bite the bullet and deal with it.

But if I were to make a bet, I'd say we would have one new player and that he will be a midfielder. Why do I say this; because we are not creating the chances right now and we all know that if you given Darren Bent chances, he will convert. And if he doesn't, we can give Weimann a little run, or The Fonz and you never know, Gabby might get a few when he is fit.

We don't need a striker if we are not creating chances. We need a midfielder who can make those things happen, which is why I think, if we are going to get only one player between now and the close of the window, it has to be someone that can do that.

Don't get me wrong, if Lerner wants to splash the cash on more than one player, great, but if he was going to do that, I think he would have done it by now. There is little value waiting this long into the transfer window, especially if other clubs smell the desperation.