Aston Villa v Stoke: A win would make us all feel good

I really do enjoy it when we have games on the bounce like this as it makes football interesting and this time of the season so much can change.

Unfortunately for us, even if we win and every other team around us loses, it will make no difference to where we are at the end of the day. We are a 15th place side with this manager for this weekend.

And let us just hope that is something I am not referring to in weeks and months to come.

But I don't think it will be. I'm hoping our owner is seeing that with the younger players, we really do have the basis for a good footballing side and if he does, he'll also hopefully know that it had nothing to do with this manager. He'll hopefully figure out too that what it comes down to is the football and not spending money.

Sure, you have to pepper the side with quality, but the core should be our players and if we get that right, we will have a side that can challenge one day for something. You never know. Everything is possible.

Aston Villa v Stoke

So, to the match. Kick off is 5.30pm and we will have team news about an hour before the match and for those that follow me on Twitter - normal service resumes today - there will be no problems with updates.

And the match isn't actually that important. OKay, we need points and all that but it is more important that two of the sides below us don't have good days. It isn't about us winning and that is why we were never going to be relegated.

There are worse sides than us, but still, a win is what will make us all happy, even if we will know, if it comes, chances are it will be because Stoke had a bad day or we got lucky.

So, updates coming, with some banter and team news and if there is anything else you want, post it below and today, for one day only I will do my best.