Aston Villa v Spurs: Updates, team news, banter and all that makes us happy

My head says tonight we will lose. My heart says we will win. I follow my heart on footballing matters because if I followed my head, I'd not still be following the football.

And with that written, my head and heart now believe we can beat Spurs tonight and I'm convinced and if I was betting on Aston Villa my mortgage payment would be going on it.

That is how life is as an Aston Villa fan and you can feel sorry for me if you like because even if we lose tonight, I'll continue on like a fish in a bowl and if we win, I'll believe we are going to win the entire thing and the FA Cup.

The match

We don't actually know that much about tonight other than who probably wont be playing and that list includes Gabby, Benteke, Delph and Antonio Luna but there could be more and there is nothing to say that after writing that that we don't see one or two of those involved at some stage tonight.

And Spurs are likely to rest a player or three tonight too but have you seen who they will be bringing in. It's quite an impressive bench and they will be confident.

And there you go, I'm back to my head and heart thinking. And truth be told, tonight is going be tough but what was it that Winston Churchill said; attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

Updates and team news

And that is that. We have a few hours to kick off and team news to come. I think we all know changes are coming but I'm not convinced it will be as many changes as we might think.

And we'll know one hour before kick off and we'll post the team below. But until then, links and images and anything of interest below please. And no prediction from me, I've not figured out if I'm following my head or my heart, but if you have one, post it below.