Aston Villa v Spurs: A tale of two clubs

Spurs are contenders for the Premier League title. Spurs can win the league and we could be going down. I don't think they will but that doesn't really matter. They've made the Champions League and they have a CEO that knows what he's doing.

They've also got a CEO that knows a thing or two about football and that helps. And I know many Spurs fans don't like him but look what he's delivered for them now and without Gareth Bale. They'd have won the league by now if they had kept him.

And that's why we're probably going to get spanked again. I'd like to believe that we have a chance but the reality is we don't. I like to believe that we can stay up but it's getting hard to pretend to myself that it can happen. But until we're relegated we have to believe it's possible, because only Tom Fox can see into the future.

What a week

And even though we've got Spurs this afternoon, we've also had a big week. Brian Little is back at the club, the accounts were released and Tom Fox has updated his LinkedIn profile. It's certainly had it's moments. The week that is.

The interesting thing for me is Little. It's good news that there is someone high up with influence. But does he have influence or is this just a PR stunt? I'm sorry to say it but we all sort of know it's just a PR stunt don't we. Or are we going to delude ourselves into thinking it isn't? That our American owner and CEO have brought little in as an advisor and given him a remit with a budget?

They haven't and it's just PR but I suppose it makes many feel better and about a few things. And again, before we get to the match, please no protests. Not until we are down. You pay your money to support.

Updates and team news

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this match. Not so long ago many would have said we were similar size clubs heading on the same path but having football people at the club has helped one. We're now two clubs with two very different stories. But I think if anything it's just proven that football can change. Look who is probably going to win the Premier League.

And while I think Leicester can win it. I'd quite like Spurs to too. Anyone but the usual suspects. I'll be back at kick off.