Aston Villa v Rotherham: All you need in one place plus three points

Who can really talk with confidence about our opposition tonight? I can look at the table and recent results, but other than that, I probably know as much as the next Aston Villa fan.

And on paper this should be an easy enough match, but we all learnt last season that easy enough matches in this tournament don’t mean a place in the next round.

So it is going to be an interesting one and I fancy we might see a few starts for a few of the new players tonight and while there is always a risk, I fancy this should be a comfortable win.

And I mean no disrespect to the opposition, but we will win this.

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And with that very brief introduction to the game, I’m leaving it there. Naturally, we’ll be busier later for more than one reason and you have a part to play in the build up.

Who will play and will we see starts for some of the new signings? What will the final score be and because we know this competition is our best chance of silverware this season, will we get carried away after scoring six later.

Transfer window

And before I go, you probably know that Enda Stevens is out on loan and I know you know that the transfer window shuts in a few days, so there will be more activity at Villa Park over the next few days, most likely out, but also maybe coming in.

So, here is the question of the day; if Aston Villa need another player, what position and who should we be looking at?