Aston Villa v Reading: Crucial game for Paul Lambert

The title of this post might be a bit harsh for some, but I don't think so. I think this is an absolute must win game for the manager and not just because reading are a newly promoted side or because they are most definitely the type of side we should be beating at home.

There are the obvious reasons too, like if we don't win we're stuck in the relegation zone or not beating Reading at home would be a shock to the system and would raise questions as to his ability to get this team winning matches.

So, I'm not sure it is harsh. I'd say if anything, Paul Lambert also knows it is a crucial game for himself, because it isn't about making nice excuses. Football is about winning matches and he, more than most, will accept that there is a line that you don't want to cross as a football manager and the best possible way not to cross it is to win matches.

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So with that said, we have a game to watch and my bet of the evening is a fiver on us and QPR to win. I've got a feeling that Martin O'Neill could very well be the next manager gone and it could happen quite soon.

But before the football, I have a couple of beers to taste, so I'm going to leave you for thirty minutes or so and enjoy the lovely tastes of Belgium. Be back soon or as soon as soon as I can make it, but these beers are worthy of my time, so until then, enjoy and if you have any links of anything interesting, please post below.