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Aston Villa v Norwich: Updates, no real team news surprises and win another t-shirt

Norwich come to Villa Park today and if we get a repeat of the last time they visited, a 3-0 home win in 2005, I'll be happy and seeing as this is my banker bet of the day, I am sort of thinking it will happen.

But that is my heart. My head tells me a draw. Sometimes though, my heart wins over my head and at 3pm on a Saturday, blind optimism will make me believe it is going to happen.

It should too. I mean no disrespect to Norwich but if you line up both teams, our quality should be enough and I think just by default, it will be, even though Norwich are above us in the league. Which is why I'm convinced we will win.

If we don't win and boos ring out around Villa Park at the final whistle - nobody can say they are surprised.

Early team news

Jenas and Bannan are in the squad and as of right now, we don't know who will be dropped from central defence, but I'd put a fiver on Collins. When the goal went in at Sunderland, the little man got in front of him and Collins just watched it happen and never attacked the ball - one of things a central defender has to do in the 6 yard box from set pieces.

Herd has done enough to warrant another start and while Heskey isn't a midfielder and has actually done a fine job, he could find himself on the bench to give Jenas 60 minutes, but at the very same time, there is no reason why Bannan shouldn't walk straight into the side - in fact, if he didn't I'd be surprised.

So, based on performances this season, the manager has a headache. Bannan is back, Herd has done well, Petrov is playing like a man possessed and Jenas is ready. I can't see him dropping Gabby on the left and N'Zogbia needs games.

So, expect Bannan and Herd to partner Petrov, with Jenas coming on with thirty minutes to go and no change on the wings. Cuellar or Clark to replace Collins, with Warnock and Hutton as full backs and Bent up front.

But this is just me guessing - team news about an hour before the game and we will update here and whoever is first again, wins another t-shirt.

Odds and updates

So, updates will follow. Team news will follow and throughout he match, the comments will come alive and Petrov will be cursed, then score a screamer. Twitter will also be quite active today and if you didn't know - we now have a Facebook page but I'm not sure how long that will be up today - still, like the page and you might get at-shirt too.