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Aston Villa v Liverpool: Updates, team news, banter and hope

It wasn't a great season but when you put it up against all the others it sort of just fits in. It also wasn't disastrous, but it was a long way from very good too and when the result today doesn't matter, it sort of sums it all up. What does actually matter from today?

It doesn't even matter if some of the younger players play, it would be nice. It would be nice to get three points, but again, that doesn't really matter either. It would be fantastic if the younger players played and we won, but, I think you know what I mean today.


What does matter, for quite a few people, is the relegation battle. I for one would like to see The Clowns go down and I think they might, but part of me also thinks they wont, but it doesn't really matter. It matters for them and for the other teams, for sure, but for us, does it really matter?

This is sounding a little depressing and it shouldn't be. The eleven that walk out will give it 100% and they will want to win and they will play to win, but I bet you you're going to see a lot of people looking at their phones today and you might even see one or two people with headsets on, listening to the scores elsewhere.

You'll quite probably also hear a cheer or two during the match when there is nothing of note happening on the Villa Park pitch and I know you know what I'm getting at.

Today could be massive, it really could be and if everything happens as it could, it will make the day matter. The icing on the cake will be them doing down and it is sad that that is the part of the day that is most interesting me.

Updates and team news

Updates from me today are going to mostly be on Twitter and in the comments box below. I'm not going to be able to add the team news to this post as I'm going to be in Stockholm in about five hours and I really do have to get a move on, but as soon as I land and get my bearings, I will be back.

Today though is mostly about having some fun and hoping for the best and don't forget, the transfer window opens at midnight - are we going to see some movement fairly soon?