Aston Villa v Ipswich: FA Cup, preview, prediction, odds and updates

It would be too easy to write that we should win this game. If you take a quick look at the tables you'd think we should, even though our form is horrible at the moment, but tomorrow isn't going to be easy.

And, Ipswich have got Mad Mick in charge these days and he knows exactly what to do to get his team playing. I look at our manager sometimes and think he could be the next Mad Mick. Not mad, but just good at getting teams promoted.

I don't mean that our manager is only good for getting teams promoted only that that is all we've seen of him so far and sometimes that is what managers are good at and Mad Mick will have Ipswich playing the type of football that is difficult to beat tomorrow. It's the Mad Mick way.


According to PaddyPower we are the clear favourites at 20/23 and Ipswich are at 16/5 and while the smart money will be on us, I just fancy that they'll be a few that have some cash on Ipswich and a cunning man might even have a double on Ipswich and Brighton because for those two matches you'll get 10/1 here.

I'm not having that bet, but it just seems like a good one. Me, I'm going for a safe treble on Manchester City, Chelsea and Middlesbrough to double my money.


But I am going to make a prediction and I think we will win. I think it would be really difficult for us to lose and I mean that because for everything that Mad Mick will bring to this game his side don't have the quality to beat us the way we have been beaten as of late.

And when we win, it's going to be quite important to remember that it is Ipswich. The same should be written for next Tuesday too, because we will definitely win that one.

Team news and updates

Team news at this time of night is a little make believe but there is talk that Gabby and Bent might be available. I'll believe it when I see the team-sheet but I'd like to see Gabby back on the left and Weimann on the right - it is a bit much having all three of them play but we cant drop Weimann and we're missing the pace Gabby brings and the chances he can create.

That really is quite sad having to write that but we are missing Gabby. Truth is, if Bent and Gabby are fit, I suspect Lambert will play Bent to show potential suitors that he is fit and scoring goals, because he will score against Ipswich, the team where he made his name.

But we'll know tomorrow and as soon as it's out, it will be tweeted and no doubt copied below.