Aston Villa v Everton: A 16 minute song at Villa Park tonight

I think I wrote a few weeks ago how relegation is mostly something that will hurt for a few seconds and be quite embarrassing for a longer time, if it happens. But there are positives. It's not we'll be able to develop and start from the beginning because that is just naive; we are never coming back from this.

The positive that I'm trying to look at is that next season, we might win something. We sure as hell aren't going to win anything in the Premier League, so why not go out and try to win the Championship - it might be more fun too. Hell, it will be more fun, as long as we get rid of Tom Fox and his cronies.

And we all know it's going to happen. He can't dance his way out of this. And if talk is true; it's as good as decided that he's out and it's Steve Hodge and Mervyn King that have decided it already. I'm sure Tom Fox and his cronies know though. I mean, you can't achieve what we've achieved this season and think your jobs are safe. My 11 year old son could have done better.

So while I still like to believe its possible we can stay up, because mathematically it is and we only need to win two or three on the bounce for others to start thinking that too, I have braced for the worst and it's not that bad. I will embrace it if it happens.

Everton tonight

But this post is about Everton. And for those contemplating walking out on 64 minutes; don't. It's a waste of time. You've paid your money and Lerner is already out. If you want to protest, when we're confirmed as relegated, then simply don't show up. Walking out on 84 minutes will be seen as copying Liverpool and it's not going to achieve anything.

Tonight is about trying to win and if you walk out, like Liverpool fans did, you might not see our team concede goals and you certainly wont be helping when we need to score them. Think about it. Don't tarnish yourself as special. Instead, on 74 minutes, why not sing for the last 16 minutes. Why sixteen? To celebrate that it's the fourth power of two.

Anyway, I've written it. I'll write more later. But it only takes a win and then you never know. And tonight is Everton. It's one of those games that anything can happen in. And it sometimes does. I'll be back later with team news. Until then, remember, a song on 74.