Aston Villa v Chelsea: Updates, team news and match banter

Manchester City have kicked off and are looking for three points and even if they get it, Chelsea could still go ten points clear later on if they beat us. But we're going to park the bus and we're going do our best to stop them.

We're going to counter and we're going to counter quick. We're going to have men back and we're going to fight for everything. We're going into this match with a chance.

It isn't a pretty one. It's a Paul Lambert one and if we do it, many of those that thought just a week or two ago that he wasn't good enough will be out in force convinced he is the messiah. Me, I don't think my view will change.

Updates, team news and anything else

So, this is the match post. I'm going to sit down, follow some matches on the radio and be ready for kick off in just over three hours. I don't think we've got much of a chance but I didn't think we'd ever see a manager trying to head butt a player from the other side and we have.

And deep down I believe we can win. But it's deep. It's like believing we'll get a new CEO.

So, team news in a couple of hours and I guess knowing that Bertrand isn't going to be isn't news for anyone but I'd like to see Bennett replace him and I suspect we might even go five at the back, but as soon as we have it, it will be posted.

And on that, my prediction is above. read between the lines.