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Aston Villa v Blackburn: All about the eleven, updates, team news and a bit of banter

It is Saturday. It is football. It is all about today. As fans of any football team, it is about supporting the eleven players on the pitch and wanting three points. This is what it is all about and you know what, this is one thing we all agree on.

For ninety minutes, we turn into animals. We become one. For some and I include myself in this, everything else becomes a blur and this is what the week was all about. Some will think that sad and some take advantage of it, but it doesn't matter. Those that don't understand it, must have empty lives.

I was going to put in a paragraph about becoming complete today, like something from Jerry Maguire, but I think I'll leave it as above - because this is what it is all about - the eleven on the pitch, in the shirt.

Updates, team news and watching live

So, this is the match post. Team news will go here, as will any links to news as and when you or I get them. Below you will find the odds for the match and if you want to watch the match, because for whatever reason, you can't be at Villa Park, you can click here and watch.

So, with no speculation, we go straight to the odds. I'm going for a 4-0 home win, only because the manager is going to hopefully send them out to attack for ninety minutes so there really should be goals, there really should be.

Match stats

Not really match stats, but stats anyway. Blackburn conceded more goals away from home last season than any other side and in four matches, we scored ten goals against them. The season before, we scored elven goals in five games.

I think it fair to assume we are going to get a goal today, it was November 2002 the last time the game ended 0-0.