Aston Villa v Arsenal: Updates, team news and banter

On the day QPR confirm Harry Redknapp as their manager, we play Arsenal at home in the 5.30pm kick off and three points is massive today. The thing is, the three points only really mean something as long as we win the next couple of games too.

I mention Harry Redknapp because it needs mentioning. QPR have acted, much like Chelsea acted. In fairness I was surprised Chelsea acted but also not. I think Roman felt forced into keeping Di Matteo on after last season and as soon as an excuse came along, he acted.

But I'm not surprised with what QPR have done and I don't think anyone is. One thing I'd also put money on now is QPR not going down and that means, as of today, things become a little more desperate for us.

Time is on our side

But Lambert has time right now because our owner isn't the quickest to act and that could be a good thing or a bad thing, but one thing we know about Lerner is, that he will act eventually and in this particular case, it wont be too late.

It wont be too late because this season is different to the previous two in so much that there are not three worse sides than us at this particular moment and on that basis, the owner knows he can't wait too long for that to change.

Updates, team news and banter

We'll have the team news here at 4.30pm and updates throughout the day and they'll be a focus around kick off naturally, but it's also the earlier games today we have to take notice of.

If results go for us in the earlier games, there is a chance we will find ourselves out of the bottom three if we can get something against Arsenal and that has to be the target, but as I wrote yesterday, if results don't go for us in the earlier games, it could mean a big victory means nothing and that is why even if we do win today, it might mean very little.

But right now, it's time for Sunderland and West Brom so I'm going to get comfy.