Aston Villa v Birmingham City: Updates, team news and Ugo

There is little to add that I didn't add on the post earlier this week about the match today. I'll find something in a minute or two, but it will be tough.

But there was sad news this week when we all learnt that Ugo Ehiogu passed away. I'm in my very early 40's so he was a player that was very much part of that time in my life when it was just Aston Villa. Now he has gone at such a young age. It makes you think. Very sad and I'm sure the tributes today will be very visual.

But I don't want to particularly dwell on it, mostly because I am in my early 40's and I'm not as fit as I should be. Instead, I think it's probably better that I focus on the match.

And on that, I saw a tweet earlier from someone suggesting that it was about two teams today after the same result. I'm not sure it is. Harry Redknapp will be happy with a point today but we shouldn't be. We have to want three points today and we have to get them.

And it's not about three at the back or pretty football. It's about wanting the win and treating the match exactly as it should be. Steve Bruce has to get these players up for this match and he should know better than most how important this match is.

If the players don't know, then that is what Bruce has to do. There can not be an excuse after today. We have to be good enough and we have to show that.

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