Aston Villa at Wolves: All about bragging rights

I think we will win this, only because of our managers record of winning one out of every four games and because we have already drawn one of those, have Arsenal next and then a potentially scrappy game coming up against QPR, who will become draw specialists fairly soon.

But, as the title of this post suggests, it is only for bragging rights. Victory means he continues his one in four winning record, a draw or defeat means we will probably beat QPR. It isn't about form or anything else with this manager, it is about one in four.

And, even if we do lose, it means nothing. Nothing will happen or change - he is our manager and even if his record becomes winning a game every five games, he will still be in a job. Even when the attendance drops below 30,000 - he will still have a job.

About the 90 minutes

So, it has become about the game and enjoying, or trying to enjoy, the ninety minutes. I'm sure like many more of you, I'll be watching more than one match this weekend, but only this one will have that need for one team to win. And that is why you support Aston Villa.

It isn't difficult. It's just the way it is

So, with the game kicking off in a few hours, this is where I leave you to compose your thoughts and leave your prediction below. Updates, team news and all the other stuff will come as and when we get it, so until then, enjoy what you can of your Saturday and check out the odds below - is it worth a fiver?