Aston Villa at The Library: A point would be taken right now

The Library is a strange place and while this is by no means a pointless game, I suspect if you offer Martin O´Neill a point right now, he would happily take it. You see, it is important we get something today.

It is important because after all the results yesterday, we are still fourth and now is the time where we actually need to take advantage. Unfortunately we are playing Arsenal.

I say unfortunately because Arsenal are a decent side and have only lost one game this season at home and have not drawn. They will be tough to break down, but I fancy we know exactly what to do because we did it at Anfield and Old Trafford this season.

So, team news as we get it, updates via Twitter and probably quite a bit below. I´m off for breakfast, back in a bit.

Team News

Friedel, Young, Cuellar, Dunne, Warnock, Young, Milner, Petrov, Downing, Agbonlahor and Heskey.