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Aston Villa at The Circus: Updates, team news and banter

You don't get much bigger games than a quarter final. Well, you get two bigger games, but we are so close now and the blow of not finishing in the top six, something not even I imaged could happen before the season started with the previous manager, would be very much softened by another final appearance and maybe something even better.

But we have to beat the clowns at the circus first and they've only lost once in ninety minutes at the circus this season, so it isn't going to be easy, but we have the players, the experience and the ability.

It just needs to all to fit into place and it can, because we have seen it this season and it really isn't inconceivable to imagine we will be playing in the semi-finals and taking another trip to Wembley next year.

But it has to fit into place

And for it to fit into place and for us to get another trip to Wembley there has to be complete focus tonight, players need to play where they play best and we have to close down the space, track back and attack quickly and with purpose.

I think it is going to happen, so I'm having a bet. The odds for tonight are below.


The Manager

Nice words from the manager before the match and possibly an indication that he is going to play these players and give them a real chance. Actions and words though, actions and words. Time will tell.

Gerard Houllier
They are not kids, they are men, like the others. For example, you can't say that Barry Bannan is a kid, he plays for his national team now. He's grown up. They lack a bit of experience, but they have many other weapons. One of the key factors to win games is hunger and desire, and that is why I like some young players in the team. They show that every single second. They never let you down.


Throughout the day we will update this page and as soon as we have team news or anything else official, we will bring it to you. But before I go, if you didn't know and you wanted to, Aston Villa paid £2,279,536.50 in agent fees between October 2009 and September 2010.

If you are going tonight; don't forget your balloons.