Aston Villa at Swindon: Keep your fingers crossed

Clarity comes soon after confusion. A lot of people, me included, don't always allow clarity a chance to knock on the door and be welcomed in. But today, clarity knocked and I let clarity in. Unfortunately, we play Swindon tonight and clarity might not be welcome later.

But we should not take our eye of the ball. The Premier League season was over for us a long time before it even began. The only hope we had of anything this season was silverware in the League or FA Cup and let me be clear, the FA Cup is the long shot.

Defeat tonight could have the manager wondering if he made the right decision to leave a club he took to the Premier League.

Defeat tonight would almost certainly have some Aston Villa fans thinking we don't have the manager we hoped for. But defeat is not something I can see happening tonight and I know I've written that before, but we're playing Swindon.

Updates, team news and banter

But, this is just a warm up, because in a few hours, the game kicks off. We'll have team news and hopefully some other stuff for you, but I'm working on that now. Keep your fingers crossed.