Aston Villa at Swansea, Steve Hollis shake up, Krulak the very loyal puppy and Fox, the soft drinks salesman

Tom Fox has gone and nobody can be surprised by this. He didn't understand football, let alone running a business. He could sure as hell sell a can of coke though and he'll end up in that business again. He'll be the guy that people point to and say he relegated Aston Villa. And that is the reason why Edward Smith went down with his ship.

And probably the reason why he'll end up in America and not the UK. And the thing is, he only had to listen. But he thought he knew it all because of his MBA and his pets. It's just sad that it's taken this long.

And we've also got Krulak back on the board. He's the one that allowed supporters to be lied to. He's the one that got supporters all excited and buying season tickets only to walk away after his job was done. He's PR. He's a waste of space. My 6 year old daughter knows more about football than he does and she probably has more common sense to not get caught up in moments. I think he might even be the one that likened our predicament to that of the Gulf War.

You can not believe anything that comes out of his mouth unless it's the day of the week. And in all actuality he's only on the board to report back to Lerner. And he was only picked by the Lerner family because he's a military man and good at taking orders. Much like that sporting director was a pet for Fox, Krulak is a pet for Lerner. The only difference is one as a poodle, the other is a little bigger.

At Swansea

And you can probably put money on Krulak not attending games. I doubt he'll be in Swansea today. And that's what this post is about. It's not about an absent owner and a new board. Although, Steve Hollis (Used his right name) appears to have had a good week. Lets just see if it continues.

And it's fair to say that we're as good as relegated. But if we were to win today, it would provide a glimmer of hope. It's just that it feels a lot like the players don't care. And it's not that I've met or spoken to any of them, it's that I can see it. That I think makes it worse, but it's also easier to spot. Players will say one thing, but we all know actions speak louder than words. I think that is something we can put down to Krulak.

And we've also hyped a lot of the players. But it's ultimately the number of players that we let leave and come in. It's too much for the vast majority of sides. But we're playing Swansea and this represents a match that we can win. If only the players want to win. And to want to win they've got to do more than run around. That's the minimum. They've got to have some desire and passion.

We'll see and this evening we will know. I might even have a bet on us today. I think this could be one of the matches we win.