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Aston Villa at Stoke, chasing the dragon

Football is a drug and today, we are chasing the ultimate high; three points. Alex McLeish however is working out how best not to lose. The perfect mentality for a club of our stature to have. What has Randy Lerner done.

Yes, I know Stoke isn't an easy place to go, but come on, we have to go there wanting a win, but we know that isn't going to happen and not just because it is Stoke - he does it every single match. It is sad and it is just one of the several reasons why he isn't right for us.

I saw a headline in a national paper the other day; Aston Villa, the new Birmingham City. Even the press are taking the piss and our owner just sits back and does nothing. Where is the roots and branch change. Where are all the people that wanted roots and branch change now - peddling more club PR?

I'm sorry. Back to chasing the dragon

Stoke might not be the easiest place to go but if you were to take the league and only look at the home record - they'd be 9th. It isn't a daunting place to go then and it is possible we can get something.

I expect something - after all, 9th best in the home league isn't that special - it isn't even European football. It isn't even anything to write home about. Actually, is Stoke a tough place to go - seems fairly average when thinking about it that way.

If the manager sends them out to win, we have a squad capable of winning. If we go out with belief and confidence and drive, our players can beat anyone and I don't mean the likes of Hutton and N'Zogbia - I mean the likes of Bannan, Clark and Albrighton - and quite a few others too that I'm not going list, but we all know who they are.

These players are the heart and soul of Aston Villa and they are winners. They give more than others - it can't be measured or controlled - it is natural. They want to win for more reasons and they play for the club. Setting them up to not lose is wrong and I'm not even going to write that he has to figure that out - because he has to go.

We can easily beat ninth

Updates, team news and everything else today, as it happens, because we will beat ninth in the home league today and despite my rant above - I'm in a chirpy mood.