Aston Villa at QPR, the gift that keeps on giving and expectations

QPR have lost four games in a row. This really should be seen as more than a good opportunity and anything other than three points will be a disappointment and after the three points against Wigan and failure at Norwich, this is a necessary three points.

And I expect three points. There, it's not difficult to say and I don't feel bad about not showing what some might say is the necessary respect to QPR. The truth is they are three points above the relegation zone of the Championship and we have aspirations and expectations of promotion.

But more on the match later with team news at 11am. I thought I'd use this post to mock The Clowns. You see, they've sacked a manager that I fancied would have got them promotion for someone with a managerial record pretty much guaranteed to not get them promoted and possibly even get them relegated.

The team that Gary Rowett manages next will succeed if they provide him the tools. He needs a club with aspirations next and he needs to be given the time. He turned a team of poor players and made them a team capable of finishing in top six. He did it without spending money and he did it with what he had. He is a proper manager.

And they sack him for someone that loses more matches than he wins or draws. I have to tell you, Gary Rowett is a manager I'd be quite happy with all things considered. But I have a rule; no more than three paragraphs a post can be used to talk about The Clowns.

Updates and team news

So seeing as I can't write about them anymore, we've got to focus on the match and it's very important that we win. And it's worth pointing out that if we do win, it's possible that we will stay in 13th place. When you win games and you don't move, it's really important to get those three points.

And I know Steve Bruce knows this. And that is why he can't play Gabby and why he can't end a game with four strikers on the pitch. It baffles me that he hasn't figured Gabby out. In my short football career as a left back I had a higher goals to game ratio than he does.

Team news coming and updates and links and photos of Megan Fox in an Aston Villa shirt.