Aston Villa at Norwich for final game of season

Norwich have done really well this season and they should be proud. I'm not sure if they will be able to sustain it next season, but for a first season in the Premier League, they have to be happy.

I for one hope they do, but the second season is when reality bites and just because they've had a good one now and good things have been written, it doesn't mean it will be as easy next time out.

Paul Lambert will be judged on what he does for Norwich next season and it will be tougher, but like I said, I hope they do well and I hope they can continue playing the type of football that has gotten them the good reviews. It will be interesting to see unfold, much like it will be for Swansea.

This is way it will unfold today

But, it is more than just Aston Villa at Norwich. One of three teams can still be relegated and while QPR will probably get spanked today, I think it will be Bolton. I don't think Bolton are going to get the three points they need to get today at Stoke and they'll be relegated and quite possibly not come back up for a while.

Which means that Manchester City will win the Premier League a season late. I write a season late because based on the money they had spent in the past four, they should have won it last season. Yes, they are winning it based on the money they have spent since 2008 and there is nothing wrong with that, but it should also not be forgotten.

As for us, I think we will win but I think it will be a lucky win and it will happen because we deserve a win, but it should also not be forgotten that we go into the last match of the season as one of the three teams that could be relegated.

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So, for now, I leave you in peace. All tweets with a picture sent to @AVFCBlog today will get re-tweeted so send them through and as and when we have the team news it will be listed here.

What have I missed?