Aston Villa at Manchester City: Richards, Gabby and Garde

I sometimes start these posts with on our day we can beat anyone or football is a funny old game and anything can happen. That isn't going to happen today. Not sure what is going to happen today actually, other than sitting down to watch it at 4pm. I've got a feeling though that we'll get beaten.

But before we get to the match, can I ask; has Tom Fox been sacked yet?

Right, you don't need to answer that and there is little to write on the match, but there was a little news this week. The bit that made me smile was that Micah Richards has a £5mn release clause in his contract. Now, my first thought was that we'd be very lucky to find someone that would pay £5mn for him but then I remembered that we got him on a free - we can also let him go on a free and not feel that bad about it.

And on a free, I'm sure he'll get another Premier League club, but I don't think he'll get the money he wants so he' not going to leave and get paid less. I'm worried we're going to get stuck with Micah Richards for a long time to come. We might actually have to pay him to leave. I'm sorry, I don't usually knock players, but I believe he is one of the worst defenders ever to wear the Aston Villa shirt and he's all hyperbole.

Dressing room split

The likes of him and Gabby can go quickly at the end of this season. But that's because of this rumoured talk of a split in the dressing room. If there is and the players that are talking about it; they're the ones that can go and my head just tells me it's probably those two. Garde might not have been the right man to be brought in and he probably isn't the right man to start a season in the Championship, but unless we get David Moyes, we might as well give him a chance.

The most important thing is that the man that has control has the opportunity to get rid of the players that he wants to and brings in the players that he wants and that is the deal that might get us David Moyes. That is the deal that might interest David Moyes. Say what you're want, Aston Villa gives Moyes the opportunity to create a legacy at one of the biggest clubs in the country - not many clubs have that on offer.

At Manchester City

Right, that's written, I'm up early so I'm going for breakfast. Back for team news. Not sure what else I can write about the match today - it's just one of those days when you have to bite down and take it. Like you did at school.