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Aston Villa at Everton: Team news, banter and links

I've not been around the last couple of days because there hasn't been a great deal to write about. Today and tomorrow will be different.

Today is different because we have a football match. Tomorrow will be different because the result today is very important.

Some things that we need to note about today:

  • Everton have half their team missing - this is a good time to be playing them
  • Clark is suspended for us but pretty much everyone is available
  • If we don't get three points the usual suspects will be calling for he managers head. Ironically, a few days after forcing the twelfth man appeal
  • If you want to watch the game you can watch it here

Updates and team news

I could go on with that list but I really think this post should be short today. Everyone knows what has to happen and everyone knows what is needed to make that happen.

Actions speak louder than words and we need to see that something extra today and we need to see it for 90 minutes. The prize is waiting and it is ours if we want it.

I'm going for breakfast, but I'll be back soon. Until then, keep the faith. I think it will be a good day.