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Aston Villa at Everton: Dreams, teams news, updates, prediction and odds

I had a dream last night and it was most definitely about playing a match at Everton, but it wasn't about the match today, although there was a connection. You see, in the match, we had a player that really made a name for himself and showed what he really was capable of and we won, playing some fantastic football.

I think I was remembering Ashley Young - you remember the match, we all do, it was, for me anyway, his best performance for us and it was inspiring. But it wasn't Ashley Young in my dream, it was someone else, but someone I didn't recognise, but it was one of our players.

I think it also important to clarify what I mean I say 'one of our players' because I have used it a lot and then gone on to mention this, but I think it is time I stopped. When I refer to one of our players I mean one of the players that has come through the ranks and a player that will, quite possibly, give more for this Football Club, because it means more to him.

This particular player was an attacker though and he was young. He was a player we all know, but I don't know which one. I remember looking for the number on his shirt, but I didn't see it. Even in my dream, I was looking for the squad number.

I know I woke with a smile and three points in my head. But that doesn't mean it will happen today, but wouldn't it be great if we had another match like that one when Ashley Young did so well?

Early team news

Darren Bent is set to play after pulling out of the England squad, which is good news. Of all the players we have and we have some good ones, he really is on a different level. Sure, it's all about the service, but he is a striker. Give him two good chances and you'd put a lot of money on one of them going in. That is what his game is all about and I for one don't mind him doing very little else.

There is also a strong chance we will see Jenas and Hutton start. My views on this are known - I think it is wrong. It isn't wrong because they're not good enough - both are, but so is Herd or Cuellar at right back and so is Delph, Bannan, Gardner and Ireland in the middle.

But, they are Aston Villa players now and they have to be supported as Aston Villa players and it could be that they turn out to be the catalyst we need, but if it comes at the long term expense of one of our players, it is wrong and it only goes to keep us in the cycle.

Defensively, keep your fingers crossed that Dunne and Given are playing like they did for Ireland and if they do, don't expect Everton to score. It isn't just down to them, but Hutton is decent as is Warnock, Clark and Collins. But we are not going to win the game because of the back four - they will just help and it is an important part.

Prediction and odds

We will win today by scoring goals and one might not be enough and there is also a desperate need for three points away from home. Yes, some are going to say a point away is acceptable and it isn't bad, but it isn't a great result.

A good result would be a win today and it could be great if my dream comes true and we play the type of match that gives everyone a new belief. A draw is just going to further convince people the manager doesn't know how to win and defeat could get messy.

Me, although if I was having a bet on this game, I would put it on a draw, am predicting a win, but not a great win. A messy win, but a win nonetheless and that is what it is all about.

Updates, team news and commenting

So, kick off is a few hours away but I will be updating here and on Twitter and as soon as we have team news, we'll publish it. So bookmark if you want or just keep the page open.

Also, if you want to comment, you now have to register to have it automatically show up - it isn't difficult and you can do it at the bottom of the right hand side column. Just make sure, when it is all done to check your email as you need to confirm your membership first by clicking on a link and if it doesn't arrive in a minute or two, check your spam or junk mail folder as there is a long link and that is where it might end up if you haven't added the site to your whitelist.

You can still comment, it just might take a few minutes for it to show up.

Right, I'm off for beans on toast and a coffee and a read of the comments from yesterday - I did get in trouble.

Your predictions below please!