Aston Villa at Chelsea: Updates, team news and a little banter

I went into the match against Liverpool thinking we could get something. Mostly because they're not the Liverpool of 2005 anymore. They're the Wigan of 2009.

I don't feel anything like that confidence today. Chelsea are a whole different prospect. Chelsea remind me of the feeling I had against the two Manchester sides. Chelsea are a decent side and under Red Rafa I can see them getting better and harder to beat.

But anything can happen in ninety minutes and I have a feeling I'll be writing that exact same thing in February.

Success breeds success

I used to write that behaviour breeds behaviour and it does, just like success. What I mean is, if you go into a game thinking you can win, it plays a part and we can, because anything can happen in ninety minutes.

See what I've done. This entire post is coming down to that I think this is going to be a hard game, that Chelsea are going to be tough and hope. I'm building an excuse and I don't like it. But this is where we are right now.

Team news and updates

So, what it comes down to is the match and I could write now that we want to see determination and effort and that we need the luck to go our way, but it really comes down to converting the chances and that we need to create them.

The sitting back and breaking on the counter worked against Liverpool, but they're the new Wigan. It didn't work against the Manchester sides and I can't see it working today against Chelsea, so we need something different.

Dare I say it, I think we need to go at Chelsea today because Chelsea are not the new Wigan.

Team news and all that later. If you have any links to anything interesting below, please post or follow on Twitter.