Aston Villa at Bradford: Do it right tonight and we're Wembley bound

Yes, I might have said or written something about how this isn't going to be easy or that anything can happen in ninety minutes, but if you're not feeling confident right now of a trip to Wembley next month, then you're mad.

We should also wrap this up tonight too and I know someone will say I'm tempting fate and some will say that they did Arsenal, but come on, perspective people; this is Bradford from Division Four.

Earlier this month they went and got a point at Morecambe and Rochdale put four past them at Valley Parade at the end of last month. Lightning strook when they beat Arsenal and you know what they say about lightening.

This way or that way

But it will mean a different approach is needed as Bradford are going to approach this game one of two ways. They're either going to think they can stop us scoring and take the match to Villa Park or they're going to go all out to win this match and hope to get something at Villa Park.

And if I had to put money on how Bradford were going to approach this game, it would be that they are going to hope to get something from this match tonight and hope to hold us at Villa Park. And knowing that now (or even that they are going to sit back) makes it a lot easier for tonight.

They just can't come out at home in the semi-final and hope to hold us. They can start that way then switch to the other, but you'd hope that the quality of player we have will be able to adapt to that. You'd like to think that the quality, fitness and experience of our players would be able to soak up the first fifteen minutes and then go out and do what they are paid to do.

Updates, team news and banter

It feels like Darren Bent is off and seeing as he can probably play tonight (Cup games not counting towards his fifty appearances), I think he will. I think he'll also show the Premier League what he is capable of. I also wouldn't be surprised if Benteke started with him.

And I'd also not be surprised if Weimann started and we went out with three strikers as tonight is going to be about goals, because with those three, you know goals are possible and they are all available.

But, you never know. I think or I hope we will start with four at the back like we did against Ipswich and I think we probably will and I think that it will stay this way for the rest of the season. I think the manager has figured it out and he acted swiftly.

So, for now, I*m going for coffee, but I'll be back later and if you hadn't figured out my prediction; it's an away win and a convincing one.