Aston Villa at Arsenal, the naivety of Tom Fox and an opportunity or a warning

There was a beautiful naivety to what Tom Fox said earlier this week and while we dropped to 16th yesterday and face Arsenal in London today, you just know that despite the words, football isn't as complicated as he's trying to make it out.

Yes, you need the people and the infrastructure around the players but this isn't news or a revelation. And keeping the ball isn't news either. That it's taken this long to figure it out these things is just the Aston Villa way. We were basically told what we already knew and what many have been saying for a very long time.

The club are also rolling out the actions speak louder than words package and supporters are believing it again. They've even started on the five year plan again, just this time they're saying it doesn't take four seasons. It's all fun on the Aston Villa merry go 'round.

At Arsenal

But all that will change today if we get a result. It's all about one result for Aston Villa. We're a result to result team. We're not about a month of results or a season of results. We're a week to week team and that's okay, because if we win today, for a few days, we can believe that Aston Villa have turned the corner.

But winning today isn't likely and the bookmakers don't think so either. Aston Villa are 11/1 to win today with PaddyPower and you can either see that as an opportunity or a reason to not have a bet.

But anything can happen in 90 minutes of football. And it's going to be interesting to see the team the manager puts out today. Gil should start, Delph and Gabby are available and you'd think that Sinclair would start too. You've got to wonder who will the manager drop or who isn't going back into the starting eleven.

Team news coming up fairly soon, updates and all that as the match happens. Me, I'm not having a bet on us today even if I blindly believe there is something that can come from today. For now, we just have to go in and hope we continue doing what we were doing and that the we're moving in the right direction.