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Arsenal tonight. Updates, team news and just a little speculation

If everything went the way of The Clowns tonight, we could find ourselves 13th in the table. We could find ourselves relegated in April too and there is every chance our owner wouldn't do anything.

I believe he cares and I don't think for a moment he is trying to get us relegated, but he is new to this and I don't think he truly understands. I also don't think he has the right football people around him telling him what he has to do.

I'm sure he has football people around him, but if they were telling him the right things, we wouldn't have found ourselves in the position we are in right now - playing horrible football and pretty much exactly where you'd expect to find a side going nowhere.

But the worst probably wont happen. We could win. Everton and Swansea might draw. Newcastle should beat West Brom too.

Miracles happen

We might also play some fantastic football. We might keep hold of the ball, look to create space and play that ball intelligently rather than just up in the air, hoping that it lands in the right place and hoping that our man gets to it and hoping that something comes of it.

Hell, we might even not launch the ball into the box at every free kick opportunity somewhere near the half way line. We might. Think positive. We have nothing else.

Only Darren Bent left

So now to the speculation and it focuses on Darren Bent. He has said that he is happy at Aston Villa and our CEO told us that he isn't going anywhere. remember when the manager said Stewart Downing wasn't going anywhere, then a week later he joined Liverpool.

So, I think it is fair to say that the speculation surrounding Darren Bent this morning and the interest from QPR is just that - pure, 100% unadulterated speculation. It isn't going to happen - our CEO told us so.

To the match

There is more speculation, but I'm not going in that direction. I will say this though . There is no smoke without fire.

So instead, it is time to concentrate on the match and it is going to be tough, whichever way you look at this. Arsenal are no mugs and they play football the right way. They also have a winning mentality and they play for the manager - important factors in success.

Updates and team news

So, bookmark or come back later. Leave the page open if you want or follow on Twitter for short bits of banter and team news as we get it.

And, look out for a bedsheet or two tonight - I really wouldn't be surprised if there was a message tonight about feelings towards the manager.