Jack Grealish

A message for you Eric Black, time for Grealish and Southampton

Is it just me or does it feel like the season is over and we've entered a sort of summer break? Sure, I'm sort of looking forward to the match, in the same way that you look forward to cramp, but it feels very different. I know it's not over but it sort of is. Even the players don't care, but that there raised another question I'll get to one day

And relegation aside, it has been a very strange couple of weeks. All we need now is for Stan Collymore to come out with an original thought and we will know for sure that this entire season was a fix and there is a master pulling strings.

And please, today has to be something different. Eric Black should be looking at the kids and asking them who wants to play. The players that are off this summer should be allowed to leave now. The likes of Okore, if he really said he doesn't want to play if he starts on the bench should be forced to play in goal. If he refuses to do the job he was hired to do, he should be sacked and the Club should stand their ground.

It's about time a club decided to take back control instead of cave in. And I know it wont happen. But Okore should be forced to play for the humiliation today and after that that's it for me. And if I see Guzan, Richards, Gabby, Hutton, Cissokho, Sinclair, Richardson, Bacuna, Westwood or N'Zogbia in an Aston Villa shirt again I will know that whoever made that decision isn't capable of making decisions.

That is a message to the manager today. Play Guzan, Richards, Gabby, Hutton, Cissokho, Sinclair, Richardson, Bacuna, Westwood or N'Zogbia today and you just prove that you don't know what you're doing. Under very tough circumstances, we all know, but you will not be doing yourself any favours.

And I'm going to be alone in thinking that Lescott can do a job for us next season. So lets not fight on that and just move on please. And I should say that the players above, it's not one thing for you all. For instance, Hutton, I like and I don't think anyone can say he hasn't tried. But his best isn't good enough. It was and if we were playing in the Premier League next season, I'd have him. But we're not and we sort of all know he's going.

And you know what, if I thought for a moment David Moyes was going to take over, I'd give each and every one of them a clean slate. Only because I think it's fair to say we've had some poor managers the past few years so players can hardly be blamed for poor management, poor strategy and poor footballing philosophy overall.

But I'm also confident that Moyes would come to the same conclusion as a lot of us. But he is our last hope. But I will say it again; they'd all get a clean slate with the right manager. But I'm not thinking about tomorrow. I'm thinking about today and if they play after what they have done for us this season and when we are playing for absolutely nothing, Black will prove he can't think past 3pm let alone the next day.

Time for Jack

Jack Grealish

Rant over, now Southampton

Sorry, I honestly don't know where that came from. This was going to be a quick post about the match instead it's turned into Stan Collymore responding to what he would like for breakfast. The match kicks off in just over two hours and I have shit to get done.

The team is going to be the most important message today. No love notes. Just a simple message to supporters that these players want to play for the Club. And we're not stupid and the Premier League and FA can not have a go at us for not fielding our strongest side because our strongest side has pretty much get us relegated.

I'll be here and very happy if Black picks a youthful and energetic side and makes Grealish the captain. It's not so silly. Think about it.