A game changer: Aston Villa v Southampton

What can I write that hasn't been written before? The match kicks off in three hours and we must win. I fear that if we lose the manager could be sacked. He isn't naive enough to think that his job is safe also, so he will want this win desperately.

And we'll see today if the players want the three points as much as us and the manager, because for all the flak the manager is getting, it does come down to what they do on the pitch.

But the manager has a massive part to play. He gets there head in the right place, or not and he is the one that sends them out, fired up or not.

He makes them believe it is possible. He reminds them that age isn't a factor. The buck stops with him and if by the end of the day we are in the relegation zone he either has to admit he cant do it and resign, like a real man, or there is every chance the owner might let him go.

Okay, we know he wont resign as it will be like throwing away the winning lottery ticket, but there is every chance the owner might sack him because if we are in the relegation zone after today, we are in trouble and you don't need predictive forecasting software to work that out for you.

The match

So, we have to hope for the win. We have to hope for a little luck. I'm not going to tell you to sing loud or support like the club have done too many times now as I don't think you need to be told and actually, it's a two way street.

Team news will be here an hour before kick off and I don't think Vlaar will be playing as I think it will be rushing him back and you don't rush players back.

There will also be updates here and on Twitter as usual and I'm not sure if everyone has seen this, if you use Instagram and you take a photo tagged #AVFC then it ends up here.