The futures bright, the futures golden!

I haven't written a main post for quite some time, but the amount of negativity from some has compelled me to speak up.

The Liverpool game was hard to take. A truly useless and flaccid performance by everyone. The way Commandant Lassard handled himself only compounded the disdain. A million miles from a few weeks prior when we played Fergie's United off the park.

But in amongst the knee jerk panic that ensued, some seem to have lost sight of any positives. I might be seeing things through my claret and blue tinted glasses, but I believe we are witnessing the next golden generation coming through our great and noble club.

The core of our team have the potential to return Villa to our former glory. Right now you probably think I've lost the plot, and you might well be right. But when you go through the players it all adds up to a very exciting future for us.

Lets start with the established trident of Gabby, Webcam, and Downing, who with a little more direction and belief could all become world class. Then we have Bannan, Albrighton, Clarke, and The Fonz, who all look odds on to become top players, as does Gary Gardner, if reports are to be believed.

Plus we still have Delph to come back from injury, the next Stevie G in the making and even Curtis might recapture the magic that made Wenger want to take him to the Emirates. What's more, if Ireland can sort out his attitude, he could be an amazing player for us. An in form and confident Ireland would improve almost any team in the world.

As for Lichaj, Lowry, Herd, Hogg, Weimann, Halfhuid and Baker; I'm not discounting any of them. One or two might be good enough to make it, but chances most will become squad or Championship players.

With the new style of football that's being bedded in, over the next few years these same players could bring Premier and Champions Leagues to Villa Park.

Houllier might not be our first choice, we may not agree with some of his decisions, and he might not be here for the long haul. But I don't care! The big picture is that Sid and G-Mac are being groomed I look forward to them taking the reigns. Houllier's experience with Clairefontaine will prove invaluable when it comes to bringing through this golden generation.

So let's call an end to this negativity. Short-term knee-jerk panics everytime we lose a couple of games, doesn't help anyone.

I share Houllier's philosophy and he has the experience to bring out the best in these young players. So lets keep focused on the big picture and show our club, manager, and players the support they need if we are to become the great club we're capable of becoming.

Gavin goes by the user name MerryMan on the site.

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