One life, one love, one club: Aston Villa FC

Villa4Ever wrote those words after Saturday’s match and his words were as uplifting as the game itself. Gerard Houllier is coaching a young team (forget the back four) and has instilled a fearless mentality that has no respect for reputation. How satisfying it is to look at the bench and see Houllier, McAllister and Cowans and the depth of experience and skill they represent.

The most extraordinary thing was to come to the blog at about five o’clock that afternoon and find that some folks were dissatisfied. No names or pack-drill but, on the most glorious day at Villa Park for many years, there were supporters in a seriously cranky mood.

The future of Aston Villa

Well, one supporter. This piece isn’t directed at him, or anyone else, but just some general thoughts on why we choose to get involved in this pastime.

It’s daft really. Grown men jumping up and down and screaming their heads off on a terrace. For what? If anybody out there has worked it out, please feel free to post it underneath. But we do it, and it stirs something in our blood – one life, one love, one club.

Considering the intemperate rants I’m given to, it hardly behooves me to tell others to lay off, but Saturday was not the occasion. Saturday was simply an occasion to lie back, open your legs, and think of England. A game like that defies analysis – it either feels right or it doesn’t and the game against Manchester United felt seriously right.

Forget the result, the result isn’t the point. Let’s face it, we took them to the cleaners for eighty minutes. A bunch of kids was all it was, but they were wearing claret and blue so we loved them, and they returned our love with breathtaking football.

Some observations – not criticisms you understand, just observations: Albrighton possesses what Ashley Young would give his internet connection for: the confidence and talent to take a full back on and skin him. Young hasn’t done it since frem first took an interest in Robbie Keane, i.e. a thousand years ago. This makes Albrighton far more valuable than Young and the vultures who are perched on the limb of that withered tree at Eastlands cannot have failed to notice.

Heskey and Downing, and to an extent Warnock, are playing several levels above what they were doing last season. I’d like to know what Houllier gives them to drink. Let’s hope Ashley Young gets a taste for it.

I worry about Cuéllar. Most here would, I think, agree that he is our best CB, If he doesn’t get to play, he’ll be off.

All I’m saying is, if you can’t enjoy, without reservation, and without censure, a game such as we witnessed on Saturday, then, what’s the point?

It’s all good. Aston Villa has a wonderful future.