My name is Josh. I love football and my team is Aston Villa

Hello, my name is Josh. I sit in the Holte End and I love football; it’s as simple as that. There is no other game like it, no sport as popular, no sport with as much controversy, and definitely no sport that is as much talked about. It is a game played by most, and for those who cannot play it; FIFA.

My team is Aston Villa. It’s simply because I’ve been brought up as a Villan. My Mom is a Villan and so is my Dad. To be honest I never had a choice, but when I asked for an Arsenal shirt at the age of five, I was given an ultimatum – support Villa or find somewhere else to live, I chose Villa.

From an even earlier age I was introduced to the Villa. Although I don’t quite remember it because it was just three months after I was born, I watched Villa defeat Manchester United at Wembley (1994 League Cup Final) in a match that I assume slightly compensated for the loss of the inaugural Premier League season the year before.

Then, two years later I witnessed Villa beat Leeds for their 5th and to date, latest League Cup win. However, I regret to say I was too young to remember that too. Unfortunately the only Villa league cup final I can remember is the 2010 final; if I’m honest I’d rather forget that one.

I’ve also grown up with Villa. I’ve grown up with the 2000’s stars: Melberg, Angel, Allback, Vassell, Sorensen, Laursen and the list goes on. I started going to Villa matches during one of our worst seasons, 2002-03. But at the time I wasn’t aware how much trouble we were actually in. It was only recently I found out we were almost relegated. So I guess I’ve never seen Villa at their best. Not by previous standards that is, except for when we were brushing shoulders with the big boys of the top four under O’Neil.

In saying that, if I didn’t support a team and was told I had to choose. I can honestly say Villa would be in with a good chance of getting my vote. That’s because it has everything - history, success, great facilities, loud fans, quality kits, cool colours. There’s no denying it, we are a unique and excellent club.

First, our history. We were one of the first. Our very own William McGregor also led the charge on the league system. Secondly, we have a tremendous amount of success which intertwines with our great history. We are the 4th most successful club in England; winning the 1st Division seven times, the FA Cup seven times, the League Cup five times and of course I cannot forget the European Cup followed by the Super Cup.

This is just a snippet of what we’ve won, although I do admit our most recent silverware, the Peace Cup, isn’t exactly worth mentioning.

Now we’re onto the facilities; Villa Park. It’s one of the greatest places to watch football. I’m probably speaking from a slightly biased point of view. But it really is and UEFA agree, rating the stadium four stars. Oh yes, and our multi-million pound training ground is pretty cool too.

And now finally onto our kits and colours; although we’ve had some stonkers over the years (the green and black shocker from the 90’s), some I quite like. We do admittedly produce some nice kits, and Nike haven’t disappointed yet. The colours, other than West Ham, Burnley and Scunthorpe; I cannot name another team who wears claret and blue.

I think I may be boring you now, so I’ll round this up. My name is Josh, I love and appreciate the game of football and my team is undisputedly, the mighty giants of the Midlands and the pride of Birmingham; Aston Villa.

This post from Josh is the first in a series. If you love football and your team is Aston Villa and you want to tell us why. Email it in.