Congratulations to The Clowns

I'm pleased to see that most of you have gotten over the Blues cup win and are able to put it in perspective.

The most noticeable was Raz. He went from drug-induced hatred to calm sanguinity in about five minutes. He never left a line on the graph it was so sudden.

A part of me is fond of noses. It’s born out of pity really – look what they have to put up with. The ones I really dislike are the phony Manchester United supporters who have never been to Old Trafford. Or Manchester even.

At least a nose acknowledges the reality that his Dad is/was a Blues supporter and the family tradition must go on. When I was young it was really based on where you lived – North Birmingham was Villa, South Birmingham was Blues. Folks tell me it’s not like that anymore.

Years ago the noses had a special chant which I’ve never heard anywhere else (I could be wrong) and it just about summed it up. When they were losing, which was a regular event, or playing badly, again a regular event, they would start to chant “Loyal supporters”. It was an acknowledgement that the team they supported was crap, and always would be crap, but they didn’t care: they would still support the Blues. The loyalty was admirable.

I seem to remember (my memory is not as reliable as it was), many years ago, City were playing at Villa Park at the end of the season and they were losing and had, in fact, already been relegated. Inevitably, the Holte started up with “The blues are going down” and the away support decided to join in and the sound of it filled the ground. They actually sang louder than us. It was pure defiance. They didn’t give a damn, they were loyal supporters. To suffer as a Blues fan suffers is almost a noble act.

I took pleasure in their win because I love to see a giant-killing act. A bunch of no-hopers toppling the gooners. Let’s be honest, not one of the winning team would ever get in the Villa squad let alone the first team, but they beat them – and they beat us too. A triumph of will over the arrogance of entitlement.

So, good luck to them. I hope they stay up as well; same with the Baggies and Wolves – I love the derbies. The extra local competition sharpens the ability and we will improve through the added intensity of the fixture.

Congratulations to the noses on their tremendous achievement on Sunday.