The last January moves: Ireland out, Jenas in

Reports today are suggesting that Gerard Houllier has told Spurs to name his price for Jermaine Jenas while more reports are suggesting that Newcastle are about to sign Stephen Ireland - they're just haggling over his salary.

Now, Jenas could do a job, but it would, it appears, be at the expense of Nigel Reo-Coker and well, I like Nigel Reo-Coker and last night he did a very decent job and given more football time, I think he will get even better for us.

Stephen Ireland on the other hand, appears to not want to be at the Club and if a player doesn't want to be at the Club, then I say ship him out. But he is earning a lot of cash so he probably doesn't want to lose out and honestly, can anyone blame him for that?

All speculation mind, but don't be surprised to see players coming before players leave and if I had to put money on position getting filled, it would be keeper, but I'm overly optimistic about what the manager is trying to achieve and I think he sees that as a very important position.