Swapsies: Nigel Reo-Coker for Tom Huddlestone

There is a question for you all from Doc coming later and also a very optimistic look at next season from me, with a familiar ring but also a fresh look at the speculation and what can be possible for next season, but for now, it's like football stickers this morning.

The rumour in the Daily Mirror this morning is that Martin O'Neill wants to use Reo-Coker as bait to get his hands on Tom Huddlestone.

Now, we paid nearly £9mn. for Nigel Reo-Coker and I think, while that might have been a little much, it was good business and I think we should be able to get a fair chunk of that back if he moves on, maybe not all, but a fair chunk.

We might not be able to get all back, simply because he rarely played in his preferred position of central midfield last season but I think he is a very good central midfielder and I also think he is a better player than Huddlestone, even though he is a different type of player. I think Spurs fans would be the happiest if this turned out to be true.

Ask me who I would prefer in my squad and I'd pick Reo-Coker over the two, but give me the option of Jenas and I'd have to think long and hard. Jenas has the potential to match Reo-Coker in the work rate department and Huddlestone in his ability to spot a pass and he also scores goals. I think I'd prefer it if it was bait for Jenas, but bait for Huddlestone, I think we would be getting a player of similar quality.

I mention similar quality, because that is the basis for my post later and what I think we need next season is better quality as well as numbers, so a swap for similar quality, doesn't' excite me.

Anyway, it is just a rumour, but I expect we will start to see more as the talk is Martin O'Neill is back from holiday and well, he needs players soon as pre-season starts soon, so either expect speculation to hot up or signings to happen.