Steve Sidwell set to sign for Fulham

Reports are appearing everywhere that the club have accepted an offer from Fulham for Steve Sidwell and that the player is keen on the move. This really wouldn't surprise me if it happened and you probably wont be surprised either.

Sidwell had his chances - you could argue that maybe he needed one or two more with an extended run in the side to really make an impact, but at this level you are not going to get chance after chance and it just hasn't worked out for him.

He will be remembered though for the quick thinking that led to the James Milner goal and while I don't know the exact number, I don't think we lost that many games when Sidwell started either. I always thought we'd get more from him and I'm in that camp that would argue he didn't get a proper run - but I also accept we maybe should have seen more.

So, if the speculation turns out to be true and he signs for Fulham, I actually think he'll do a job for them. I also think the speculation is likely to be true and I wouldn't be surprised to see this happen in the next few days as I have a feeling we need the money and that the wage bill needs to be reduced also.

Not just Sidwell leaving

I also don't think he will be the only one to leave this summer. If we started the new season without Luke Young, Habib Beye, Nigel Reo-Coker, Nick Shorey, Curtis Davies, Emile Heskey and John Carew I wouldn't be surprised.

I know that is a lot and the chances that they will all be gone are slim, but if each player has been told they can go, I wouldn't be surprised and on that basis they might be looking.

In my world, we could get something in the region of £20mn for all seven if we wanted to move them out quickly and they must surely represent over £10mn a year in wages and quite possibly closer to £15mn.

But it has also been suggested that those wages are the stumbling block in the players getting a new club. It's a horrible circle and one that means some will probably be happy to stay and run down their contracts.

So, that is it for Saturday; Steve Sidwell might be off. Nothing new from the club and not a new rumour anywhere. It is all good.