Spurs want our Ashley and they'll give us David Bentley in the deal and O'Neill wants Jenas, Mililjas and Demidov

For some reason every where I look this morning I seem to be reading something about Aston Villa. It is all speculation, apart from John Carew talking about every player at the club and how great they are and how he is flattered by the apparent interest from Manchester City.

But, I don't really want to talk about Carew, because Saturday sort of deserves to be about rumours and the big one is that Harry Redknapp will offer £8mn. plus David Bentley for Ashley Young.

I know, it is laughable and it's not nearly enough, but he thinks it is possible. Martin O'Neill has told us all how much he values Young and while I'd quite like David Bentley on the right hand side of our five man midfield, no way at the expense of Young and a paltry £8 million.

The slightly worrying thing is that there is another rumour that we are interested in Spurs midfielder Jermaine Jenas and that we are willing to pay £10mn. for him. I'm worried because the Arthur Daly of football will see this as an opportunity to make a deal and the value of that deal could look very appealing to Martin O'Neill.

I suspect, if Harry puts a deal forward which involved Young, Jenas and Bentley plus some cash, O'Neill might say yes, because he has bleated on about lack of numbers and you can't doubt that those two players would be quality additions and I'm also not convinced that he has that much money, so the opportunity to get more cash for summer transfer might also be appealing.

The thing is, if we value both those players at £10mn, I'd want them plus another £10mn in cash and you know what, regardless of what O'Neill has said about Young in the past, he'd accept that. The worrying thing is, I think I'd be happy with those two players plus £10mn. in cash too. Spurs fans will say it's too much but all I'll say to Spurs fans is, on his day, he is wroth it.

But, the speculation isn't over. We're also apparently interested in Rosenborg defender, Vadim Demidov and Serbian defensive midfielder Nenad Mililjas.

I know absolutely nothing about them other than they apparently play football. If you do know something about them, please let us know in the comments below, but I'm not even going to pretend or YouTube them as it would me just joking.

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