Speculation: Reo-Coker off and Darren Bent coming in?

As far as speculation goes this should be top of the list but with some might say there is no smoke without fire and well, this smoke seems to be getting thicker and thicker.

I think it's fair to say it hasn't worked out for Reo-Coker since he joined us for £8.5mn. in 2007 and that if he were to get a chance to go elsewhere he might very well be interested and I also suspect if the club could get back most of what they paid for him, they'd probably be happy too, but a bit of me thinks he didn't get a proper chance.

Don't get me wrong, he played some games, over 60 if his Wikipedia page is correct, but not all of them were in his preferred position and not all were with a regular partner when it was his preferred position, or regular formation for that matter.

He is only 25 years old and this is just speculation that he might be off, but a bit of me thinks that we might be losing out on someone that could have a real value to the squad for a few more seasons to come, but he did only sign a four year contract so if we don't cash in soon, it might be a case of his value dropping faster that Gareth Barry on a quarter pounder with extra cheese.

In further completely unfounded speculation, there is a story doing the rounds that we are after Spurs striker Darren Bent. Now, this is unfounded and some are even suggesting it would mean Carew going in the other direction so I'm hesitant to believe or want to believe, only because it is almost like for like and I'm a big fan of continuity.

But half of me thinks that it is time for Carew and that O'Neill might not be his biggest fan. There is no evidence for me to back up my views on what O'Neill might think about Carew but he doesn't usually spend that long at a club and there must be a reason for that. I also suspect Carew would like the bright lights of London and would welcome the move.

But, it is all speculation. I'm not convinced I'd like to see Reo-Coker leave just yet and I'm not convinced I'd like to see Bent come in, even if we Carew left, but it is something and well, we've been surprised before so don't be surprised if these happen.