Rumour time: Zat Knight off to The Clowns and Sylvain Distin and Damien Duff coming to Villa

Morning all. I´ve not been around the last couple of days, but thanks to Doc we´ve had some content and some others have sent some in that will be getting a quick edit tonight and probably going up tomorrow.

But, it is about time we looked at some speculation as I fancy, actually srub that, I hope desperately, that there will be some movement soon, because there has to be.

There was a good argument yesterday for us reverting to 4-5-1 or what I like to call a variation of 4-5-1, and someone pointed out that we need a strong defence. Well, the first rumour today is Sylvain Distin and he is a very good central defender. He isn´t good enough to fill the boots of Martin Laursen but he may be an able replacement for Zat Knight.

You see, Zat Knight is the rumoured target of The Clowns who, if we believe everything we read are willing to pay £5mn. for him. Now, that would be a good bit of business, but I just can´t see him going to them, but I could see him leaving this summer if an offer like that came in from someone else.

There is no doubting that we need to strengthen defensively, but there is also a good argument for getting a bit of flair up front and one of the rumoured attacking players we were linked to yesterday was Damien Duff.

Now, I don´t want to pretend to know more than Martin O´Neill, but I don´t think this would be a great idea. He is old and well, prone to injury. No doubt he has a bit of talent, but do we want to be investing in his type of talent, at his age, with his risks?

Right, I´m off for a beer but I´m going to be watching he rumours today, as they happen to scroll by and if we have any news from the club, we´ll get it up as quickly as possible.