Rumour time: Karl Henry and Alexander Hleb

Moving away from what did or didn't happen on Sunday, we have some rumours. Rumours are not what make football football but they do allow us a few brief moments to not worry about what is is isn't happening and today, we have two.

First up is Alexander Hleb from Barcelona, who according to the Daily Mirror, is desperate for a return to the Premier League and we are, along with Manchester City, standing by wanting to sign him.

Next up is Karl Henry from Wolves and if I had to put a pound on which one was more likely, this would be the one my pound went on. Henry is a midfielder but has also played at right back and we all know Martin O'Neill likes a player to cover at right back.

Now, I am only put a pound on the the more likely of the rumours but I wouldn't think either of these are true. I'd sort of like the Hleb one to be true but by the time next season starts he will be 29 years old and I'm also not 100% convinced he is the player that we need. He is certainly the type of player we need, someone who can attack from midfield and play on the wing, but I'm not sure he is actually the one.

As I write that though, just having someone like him I think would benefit the team, so while I am not convinced he is the one, he would be better than none.

Still, only rumours, probably carrying as much credible substance as a $5 crack whore slumming it in a Kings Cross doorway waiting for his next customer. I'm off to watch the football from the weekend and we will do a special Reading preview tomorrow.