Robbie Keane set for talks with Martin O'Neill, Taylor and Rodallega too

With Martin O'Neill on holiday and him not knowing the transfer window is open, we really should know that the rumours surrounding any player coming to Villa Park is rubbish, but I hold out hope that he has created a list and I hold out hope that that list has been transmitted by fax or email and I hold out hope that someone is snooping on the line and then feeding it to journalists for small bits of change.

I know nobody is doing that, so the rumour that we are after Steven Taylor must be rubbish, if only because we already have four central defenders at the club and despite his ability to play at right back, we have one that can do that already plus a right back and James Milner.

Could there be any truth that we are after Steven Taylor? If you think there is, then you have to also believe that there is some truth in us wanting to bring in Hugo Rodallega.

Personally, I'm not convinced either will strengthen us which is why I am holding out hope above hope that the Robbie Keane story in the News of the World is true and that he is poised to come to the club.

In the story the reporter described Keane as 'passed around more often than a spliff at a student party' but also tells us that Martin O'Neill will be meeting the player next week.

Now, you all know I'm a big fan of Keane and his type of player and well, it isn't my money and if we can get one or two good seasons out of him, fantastic. I've called out for this type of player for a long time and if he is playing it will be a variation of 451 for us, which you also know is what I like.

I'm not saying Keane is going to be the difference, but he will give me a little hope that we can do better than 6th next season.

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