Robbie Keane and 15 million British pound coins

There are rumours and there are rumours and this is definitely the latter. I'm a huge fan of Robbie Keane as regular visitors to this site will know, but mostly for how he plays as a footballer and how he has played the last few seasons.

I just like how he sits in the hole behind the main striker and in front of the midfield and seems to link everything up. He does it with a footballing brain and it's clear as day why so many clubs have paid so much money for him.

The thing is, he will be 30 when the season starts and you won't get him for £20k a week so £15mn isn't £15mn, it is more like £25mn and that is over four years. Robbie Keane will be able to do his thing for maybe two more and that really is pushing it.

There will be no resale value and you'll be paying him well into his retirement and while I'd donate a testicle to scientific research if we could have signed Robbie Keane ten years ago, right about now, I'm afraid I'd be a little disappointed if our manager went out and signed him unless it was on a free and Robbie was getting paid on goals and assists.

Don't get me wrong, he is quality but the club is in debt and has very little room left and it appears the owner is keeping that room free for when the manager really does want someone. We are now very much in a sell to buy lock down and even if we get more than anyone if football thinks James Milner is worth, it shouldn't be wasted on a 30 year old Robbie Keane - it should be used to bring in a 22 year old version.

More Sunday Speculation

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Right - Sunday it is so time to my feet up. I'm going to watch the Champions League final again from last night. You have to love how Mourinho gets his teams playing the perfect 451. It isn't the prettiest football but I'd take that every single week if we won.