Right players and wrong players, Charlotte Rampling and doing what you have to do

Victory is like drinking beer from the navel of a {rokbox title=|Charlotte Rampling before she got old| text=|young Charlotte Rampling (when in her prime)| size=|500 600| album=|demo|}images/megan-fox/charlie-rampling.jpg{/rokbox}, with the dirty look of self satisfaction splashed across her face, because she knows what you are about to do is wrong, bad, even taboo, but it's just a sweet feeling. I felt like that this morning when I remembered the result.

Then work kicked in and I forgot about it. Then speculation started about two players and last night is now forgotten. The beer tasted good though.

The rumours involve our Craig Gardner and a certain illiterate jailbird called Jermaine Pennant, currently plying his trade and cleaning himself up in Spain with Real Zaragoza.

The Craig Gardner rumour over on The Guardian website suggests that he will be moving to Birmingham City with Wolves showing an interest and after we turned down Sunderland in the summer. The figure getting quoted is £3mn and they cite his three appearances this season as the reason why he will be allowed to leave.

I like Craig Gardner and I don't think he has had a proper run in the team in his preferred position but now that O'Neill can push James Milner or Carlos Cueller to right back, there appears little need for him to keep the player. Well, what can you say? I quite like having club men and I think Gardner should really be given a proper opportunity, but it looks like that now may go to his brother instead.

If he does go to the shower of shit down the road, I wish him and I'm sure everyone will, all the best and regardless of what happens, I know he'll always be claret and blue and that his time spent with them will be done purely for business reasons and to stay close at home and if he does go, he'll always, every weekend, be looking out for our result. It will just be a pity that he ends up playing in the Championship, he is better than that.

The other rumour is that we are interested in Jermaine Pennant. He isn't a bad player but he is tainted. Not because he played for the shower of shit down the road, but because of his time in the big house.

Now, he served his time, so it should be forgotten, but there is just something about him, as a player, that I don't like. Call it mercenary if you wish or it could be something else, I really don't know, but I'd far rather Marc Albrighton got game time instead of him and after all, we've got Ashley Young and James Milner who can play on the right, so do we really need him?

I think now and on that note, the wife has just come home, so I have to go help here with something. I don't know what yet, but she'll have a mental list that she has been thinking up and when she sees the mess I've made, she'll be adding to it.