Rémi Garde set to be named new Aston Villa manager

It's widely reported that Rémi Garde is going to be confirmed as the new Aston Villa manager today. And while I think it's a massive risk, for reasons written before, we have to get behind him and we have to have that blind optimism that because he has managed a team in France and played under Arsène Wenger, he's the man to turn around our fortunes.

It's almost 2006 again when Lerner took over. We have to have blind optimism that he's the man and try not to look for links to someone at the club and France. We have to hope that he can galvanise and can make it work.

And it all starts with Spurs today and if reports are to be believed, he'll be watching in the stands. Me, I'll be watching in a bar in Stockholm, but the players are not playing for me. They are going to be playing for him though.

And other than that there is little to say on the matter. It either happens or it doesn't, but it does look like it is. But will he be the man; we'll know soon enough.

Football bets

And for those that follow my bets, you'll know that I had a win at the weekend. What you might not have worked out is that if Aston Villa lose tonight, I'll have another win. Do I cash out now? That's the question.