Really desperate stuff: Drenthe and the local press

It is Wednesday, middle of the week, two days until the weekend. The word Wednesday, the day between Tuesday and Thursday, comes from the Middle English Wednes dei, which is from Old English language Wēdnes dæg, meaning the day of the English god Woden who was a god of the Anglo-Saxons in England, until about the 7th century.

Sorry about that, I'm getting desperate for content and seeing as our club isn't doing anything in the transfer window, which is open folks, I wanted to do something useful and knowledge is power and all I've got for you is some really weak link to Royston Drenthe.

In fact, I'm not really sure I should be discussing it but with the only other news, without any quotes, that Villa are not in talks with Bentley, then we might as well explore it further, just so we don't have to talk about Bentley any more.

Drenthe joined Read Madrid on the same day as Wesley Sneijder and is 22 years old. He plays at left back or left midfield but his debut for Real Madrid was in centre midfield. Seems like he can cover a lot of positions and is young. Could there be something in this?

I fancy Martin O'Neill is interested and that O'Neill is going to deploy him as a right sided striker in a three pronged attack.

I'm just having fun, don't shoot me. So, have I ever told you where the word Thursday comes from?