Potential new owners for Aston Villa and a story about Ron Vlaar

The Mirror broke a story the other day ... okay, maybe I shouldn't have started it like that as you're now going to skip to the story that the Birmingham Mail published yesterday ... damn, I've done it again. This is going nowhere.

Let me start again, apparently, there are a couple of American guys with a few quid in their pocket, interested in sports that might be interested in buying Aston Villa.

But do you remember this post, you should, it was the one right before this one. In that one, I suggested Lerner might retain a stake of some sort, either in ownership or as a creditor ... remember that, if anything comes of this rumour.

But here is the short of the long and I saw this title on NewsNow this week; does it really matter who buys our Football Club?

Sure, we don't want chicken farmer or hairdressers, but other than that, does it matter? If they've got £200mn plus to pony up, they mean business and they're not doing this for fun. We're on the cusp of a wave and there is a massive opportunity for whoever comes in and chances are they know this.

So, I'm going to leave the speculation, because whenever it happens, it's going to be a PR dream for some company because they're going to have a lot of money to tell the story and tell it in the right way.

The Ron Vlaar story

So, now to Vlaar and 13 hours ago the Birmingham Mail published a story about QPR tracking Ron Vlaar. That came about 10 hours after the rumours started about Rio Ferdinand joining QPR.

Now, I'm no rocket scientist, but if I were Vlaar I'd not be that interested in joining QPR with Ferdinand about to sign, if the stories are true and especially of the rumours that Manchester United might be interested.

So, that's all we have at the moment, speculation. There is no news of any real substance, but I will say this, if there is an owner interested, it will happen very quickly, not three months like someone suggested in an article I read on the BBC website.

If it takes three months, we're in more trouble than any of us will be willing to accept.