One out one in: Tonev to Celtic and Sanchez to Villa

Okay, file this as speculation and leave it at that, but if you believe the reports it's happening. First up is Tonev and he's going to spend a year in Scotland playing for Celtic. It's a little like sending someone to Coventry, but a higher standard of football.

Now this might or might not happen. I quite like the idea of it happening as it will be good for the player. If it doesn't, I can't see him getting much time playing for us next season and I think it's mostly a case of nobody wanting to buy him.

Either way, if he goes or doesn't, I'm not sure we're going to see him again. The interesting rumour is that of Carlos Sanchez, the Colombian midfielder that played at the World Cup.

Talk is he's interested. Talk is, his agent is in Birmingham. Talk is it's happening. The thing with talk is, it's just talk. Take these rumours with a pitch of salt or not.

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