Nigel Reo-Coker heading to Fulham for £3 million?

It's rumour time again and the transfer window is months away but it looks like Reo-Coker has done enough to find a way out of his Villa Park hell with the rumour doing the round, again, that Fulham are interested in him and they are willing to pay £3mn for him.

Didn't we pay a lot more for him? Anyway, this rumour did the rounds last August and that wasn't the first time.

The thing is, £3mn is not a lot of money when you consider we paid £8.5mn and when you consider he is better than that, but it might just be a case of the falling out between the two has gone too far and Martin O'Neill is too stubborn. Or it could be that Reo-Coker wants out, we may never know.

I can't help but feel though that with Reo-Coker we are a better team and this would be a sort of backward step for us. Still, it is only speculation, it might not happen.